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To obtain more information about the Accident Clinic Miami and schedule a free appointment with the specialist Dr. Steve Halegua, please contact us by filling out the form on the right or call 305-661-5309.

“The Original” Accident Clinic Miami was founded by Dr. Steve Halegua with the intension to provide comprehensive assistance to people who have suffered accidents. They offer guidance during the recovery process by providing the necessary tools to obtain the best results. If you have been involved in a car accident, slip or fall, we can help restore your physical health and obtain the maximum financial benefits in accordance with the law.

Dr. Halegua is a chiropractor with over 44 years of experience helping people who have suffered injuries caused by car accidents, slips or falls. With a reputation for obtaining effective results and keeping the needs of their patients as priority number one, Dr. Halegua is recognized among the residents of South Florida as “The Dr. of Accidents” for being the best chiropractor specialized in the treatment of injuries.

Accident Clinic Miami is not just a chiropractic center it’s much more. In addition to providing a personalized treatment to each of his patients, Dr. Halegua works with the best lawyers specialized in accidents to help patients obtain the compensation they deserve. He also works with insurance agents to ensure that their patients’ medical expenses are covered and that they receive the treatment they need.

Dr. Halegua and Accident Clinic Miami are committed to their patients 100% and thus have established the best technology and treatment available. Their goal is to help patients restore their well-being and improve their quality of life after an accident. With two strategically located offices in South Miami and Hialeah, the services of Accident Clinic Miami are available to all residents of South Florida.

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