Were You Injured in a Fall?

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For many, a slip is something simple that does not require specialized care. However, contractures, subluxations, sprains, strains and other injuries can become present in patients who have had a slip or fall. While it is true that such injuries are quite common in the population, never de-emphasize your condition.

When a person experiences a slip or fall the body suffers tension in the muscle, joint, and nerve ailments causing pain of the spine, neck, hips, shoulders, and other body parts. If not treated in time, these injuries can convert into a chronic condition or aggravate a preexisting condition such as afflictions in the spine, neck, shoulder and hip among others.

At the Accident Clinic Miami, Dr. Steve Halegua and his team of specialized professionals offer a comprehensive service in the treatment of injuries related to slip and fall accidents. They can help you improve your physical condition, and will also provide the necessary advice for your situation.

By contacting us directly or visiting our offices in South Miami and Hialeah, you will be placing your well being in the hands of specialists. Also, you will be saving money by avoiding the complications of hiring expensive professional agencies and intermediaries that will not be able to provide the comprehensive support you require.

If you or someone you know has suffered a slip or fall, it is advisable to seek immediate help from an expert that is specialized in these types of accidents in order to receive a comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Steve Halegua is a chiropractor specialized in treating injuries caused by accidents such as slips and falls, with over 44 years of experience.

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